Bonus 200%


1. Duration of the promotion: from December 19, 2016 through December 31, 2017.

2. All trading accounts types.

3. To join the bonus plan, you are required to: 

3.1 Register or Log in Personal Area

3.2 Open new trading account deposit.

3.3 Do deposit using any payment system.

4. Bonus rate is 200% for all deposits for all amount of deposit.

5. Further transactions are not accounted as deposit: 

5.1 Deposits made prior to linking client's account to the promo;

5.2 Internal transfers from other account of client to the account participating in the promo;

5.3 Any rewards, bonuses and indemnifications provided by the company;

5.4 Returns of the funds in the result of cancellation of withdrawal request.

6. Any withdrawal requests and internal transfers to other accounts are considered to be withdrawal under the promotion.

7. The maximum active bonus amount provided under this promotion not limited. 

8. The bonus is credited to "Credit" column in terminal, purposed to maintain account under drawdown and increase the trading volume.

9. The bonus is fully debited from the account: 

9.1 In case of any withdrawals from the account including internal transfer (debited to the proportion of the withdrawal);

9.2 If balance of an account is negative and there are no open positions;

9.3 If the Equity descend to the level of credit funds in the trading account.

10. Funds received as a bonus are moved from "Credit" column to the "Balance" column and became available for withdrawal if trading volume is equal to bonus amount.