Only in our company!

Get up to 4 types rewards for each client! 



$3 for every deposited Cent Account.

$20 for every Client Deposit on the amount $100 or more.

$100 if all your clients have closed 100 trades or more per month. 

$2000 if all your clients have closed 100 trading lots or more. 




All rewards are added together!

Rewards are applied for opened under "No-deposit bonus $150" promotion accounts and if account was deposited by attracted client with his own funds.


How it works? 

To become a partner, you only need to register an Account in our company.
Affiliate merchant account will be created automatically!

Example of calculating the rewards:

Your client deposited a cent account of $ 100, you will immediately receive $ 3, and immediately get $ 20 for that a deposit of $ 100, then you get $ 100 because the client (or all of your customers in total) closed
more than 100 transactions per month, and another $ 2,000 you get as this client (or all of your customers in total), made trading volume of 100 lots.
Total your reward according to this example can be 3 + 20 + 100 + 2000 = $ 2123.

If you have any question or if you want working with us on special partnership conditions, please contact via this contact form. 

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